When is the next release?
Keep up to date with new product releases by following our Twitter and Instagram.

When will X product be back in stock?
All of our products exist in two categories. Limited and unlimited. Products in limited supply will not restock on the store. These items bear the heading "limited availability, does not restock" on their product page and once stock has been exhausted, will be moved to the graveyard for display. A product of unlimited supply will live forever. This includes classic and negative t-shirts, among other items.

Do you ship to X location?
We ship worldwide.

My order was placed incorrectly (size, address)
For shipping address changes, contact us immediately with your order number and correct shipping address.

For size changes, unfortunately we cannot edit the size or variant of an item in an order. You will need to cancel your order and re-place it in the correct size. The nature of this system means that it may not be possible to re-place your order in the correct size if the item is in a limited life-cycle.

To cancel your order, navigate to the bottom of your order confirmation email. There you will find a link labeled "Edit or Cancel Order".
If for some reason you are not satisfied with the product you received, please contact us. We will personally assess the situation and make sure you are satisfied.